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Stisla will help you to speed up your project, design your own dashboard UI and the users will love it.

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MIT License   •   Version: 2.2.0
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Stisla is designed for you and your clients

Integrated with 30+ third-party libraries and has many components, you will easily to create a dashboard layout.

Responsive Design

Don't worry about the gadget you have. Stisla is very suitable for every platform.


Written with HTML5 and CSS3 and supported by most modern browsers.

JavaScript APIs

We provide some javascript APIs to interact with some components more easily.

Verified By W3C?

All HTML pages are free of errors, because they have been verified by W3C.

Bootstrap 4

Based on Bootstrap 4, one of the popular flexbox frameworks.

And Others

We don't want to talk much about this template, try it yourself and don't say anything.

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30+ third-party libraries

Save your time for other important things, not dashboard design

Your idea has other things that need to be prioritized, don't waste your time only on the dashboard design. Stisla will speed up your project to design a clean dashboard interface.

JavaScript APIs

Some components have JavaScript APIs to interact with. The example below is to create a Bootstrap Modal quickly without HTML Markup.

  body: '<p>Your content goes here.</p>',
  created: function(modal) {
      console.log('Modal has been created');
  buttons: [
      text: 'Action',
      class: 'btn btn-primary btn-shadow',
      handler: function(modal) {
        // do something

Click the button below to run the JavaScript code on the left side.

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Good news. Besides Bootstrap Modal, we have other interfaces to interact with components, such as Card, Chat Box, and so on.

Clean Components

Focus on your goal, let Stisla help you to design the dashboard

Designing a dashboard can be a nightmare if it's not based on a concept, your time will run out just to think about what components will be created. Stisla has many components, so you just need to adjust it. Save your time, go to bed early.

user flow user flow user flow

Want to try it first?

We are happy if you want to see a demo of this template first, find what you are looking for, we really want to save your development time.

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Stisla is free for anyone Yes, including you!

Stisla is no longer a simple version and a pro version. Now, everything is the same.

  • The many components and full features, speed up your project.
  • Get all the Stisla components and 30+ integrated modules.
  • Spend time on something valuable for your idea, not design.
  • You support and save us to continue to keep this project alive.
  • Allowed to create a multi-tenant SaaS application.
  • Get lifetime updates and support as long as you use Stisla.

Start Your Awesome Project

Start your amazing project with Stisla, don't start designing from scratch.