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Stisla will help you to speed up your project, design your own dashboard UI and the users will love it.

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Under MIT License   •   Version: 2.1.0
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Stisla is designed for you and your clients

Integrated with 30+ third-party libraries and has many components, you will easily to create a dashboard layout.

Responsive Design

Don't worry about the gadget you have. Stisla is very suitable for every platform.


Written with HTML5 and CSS3 and supported by most modern browsers.

JavaScript APIs

We provide some javascript APIs to interact with some components more easily.

Verified By W3C?

All HTML pages are free of errors, because they have been verified by W3C.

Bootstrap 4

Based on Bootstrap 4, one of the popular flexbox frameworks.

And Others

We don't want to talk much about this template, try it yourself and don't say anything.


Try Stisla

Before buying, you need to try it. By buying Stisla, you will get:

  • HTML/CSS/JS Pages
  • SCSS files
  • AI Files (for placeholder images)
  • All images used
30+ Integrated Modules

What about the components?

Basically, Bootstrap 4 has a lot of components. But that doesn't mean it will meet your needs. Therefore we provide many components ranging from simple to advanced such as Card, Table, Modal, Chart, Google Maps and more.

... and we also provide some sample pages.

So, you can focus more on your goals!


In the documentation you will find how to create layout, sidebar, menus and more. Also, we document some of the key components we've created such as Chat, Modal, Cards and more.

You can access the documentation of this template at any time.



Start your amazing project now with this awesome template

Don't waste your time on something you shouldn't. Your idea is still a long way to go, don't spend it just to make dashboard designs.

Why Stisla Pro?

The reason why you should use the pro version.

  • The many components and full features, speed up your project.
  • Get all the Stisla components and 30+ integrated modules.
  • Spend time on something valuable for your idea, not design.
  • You support and save us to continue to keep this project alive.
  • Allowed to create a multi-tenant SaaS application.
  • Get lifetime updates and support as long as you use Stisla.

Buy now and be great

Choose a license according to your needs.

Unlimited Project
Lite Version

Small or large projects, for digital products, for SaaS, use this license.

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For Single Project

This license can only be used once for one project. Nice guy will buy back for other projects.

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Here are some frequently asked questions.

I found Stisla in another Marketplace, like ThemeForest, BootstrapBay or something else, where do I buy it?

Buy wherever you like, we don't force it.

Why do I see prices differently elsewhere?

Basically, every marketplace has their own "author fees", usually taken more than 50% of the price of the item itself. This reason makes us give different prices between the marketplace and here.

We continue to upload Stisla to several marketplaces to cover a wider market, even though we have to sell it rather expensive.

Who uses Stisla?

We note that hundreds of people visit the Stisla website every day and thousands of people every week, and they come from various countries, there are at least 130 different countries. The top countries are Indonesia, India, Brazil, Turkey, United States, China, South Korea, Germany, Vietnam, Mexico, Malaysia and others to Zambia.

Also, it was recorded that people who downloaded Stisla were from Indonesia, India, Brazil, Turkey, United States and 60+ other countries.

Can I resell this template to my friends?

You are not allowed to resell/redistribute this template to anyone. For example, you have purchased this template and then resale it at the same or different price to anyone then it is not allowed.

Can I create product or SaaS with this template then sell it?

If you use this template with a free license, you are allowed. If you use a Pro license, you're not allowed.

If you want to use the full-featured Stisla to create a product or SaaS, you need to contact us for clarity.

Which one should I use between Lite version and Freelancer?

Basically, we provide this template 2 versions ie Lite and Pro versions.

We create a lite version for you who want to try it first before buying it. However, the features on the lite version there are only a few (Doesn't include SCSS files).

For the pro version we recommend for you who do not want to be bothered to make the HTML components from scratch. Because, in the Pro version all the features in this template can be used.

The 'Freelancer' license is recommended for those of you who have small projects for just one client. So, if you have a new project again then you should buy it again.

Will I get updates from this template?

You will always get this template update as long as the template is still alive.

Do I have to pay additional fees for template updates?

No, you don't have to pay for it.

Where can I get support?

Send us an email about your problem at with the subject "Stisla Support - Your Subject", we will reply 1-5 working days, please have your patience.

Can I get Stisla Pro for free?

Sure. We love open source projects. So, create an open source project using Stisla Free. Projects that are useful for other developers, such as a simple blogging system, inventory management or something like that. Send us the repository link, we will consider.


Do you Stisla?

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In case you don't know

What is Bootstrap?

Bootstrap is the most popular front-end framework for building responsive and mobile first websites. Bootstrap has many components that we can use to create user interfaces, such as buttons, cards, panels, tables, and so on. As such, Bootstrap will speed up website development that you will do. Bootstrap does not only contain CSS, but there is also JavaScript, so you will not only create a website that has a good interface, but a website that you create will be more attractive. Bootstrap 4 is the latest version of Bootstrap.

What is a free bootstrap admin template?

Free bootstrap admin templates are templates created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and Bootstrap based. Many have created free templates for admin pages based on Bootstrap 3 or 4. Stisla is a free admin template based on Bootstrap 4 which is one of the free Bootstrap admin templates.

Why use Stisla?

There is no other reason, besides Stisla is a free admin template based on Bootstrap 4. Stisla has many components in it, such as maps, statistics, tables, and more. Stisla can be used to build blog admin pages, information systems, SaaS, domain panels, hosting panels, school website admins and the like.