Stisla is now 100% open source


Stisla is another alternative as a Bootstrap-based admin template, more precisely Bootstrap 4. Until now Stisla can be downloaded on several free marketplace website templates, such as ThemeQuarry.

We note that there are more than 125 countries that downloaded Stisla, which we did not expect before. We are happy that Stisla can help developers around the world. Not only us, maybe you too.

We want all developers to feel the same way, no longer distinguished between Stisla Lite users and Stisla Pro users. Therefore, we want to make Stisla 100% open source, where all developers can try Stisla.

Not only that, but we also want to invite you to contribute so you can build Stisla even better, whether it's fixing bugs, adding features or just removing white spaces.

We also thank you for buying Stisla, you are not only a Stisla user but, have helped us to continue to develop Stisla. Thank you again for setting aside money for a huge contribution.

Now, you can download Stisla on GitHub and start contributing!

Warm regards,
Muhamad Nauval Azhar - Creator of Stisla

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