Now you can purchase Stisla with Indonesian bank transfer


Hi, welcome to the new Stisla landing page. We have redesigned our new landing page for several reasons. We have added several pages, such as about, contacts, support, and so on.

In addition, we have a new payment method for Indonesian buyers; they can buy Stisla with a local Indonesian bank transfer. Therefore, this will make it easier for them to buy Stisla. However, this method requires confirmation of payment after payment is made. Then, the Stisla team will confirm the payment, and the download link will be sent to the buyer.

Following are the steps to buy with the Indonesian payment method:

  • Go to the Download page
  • Click the "Buy Now (IDR)" button
  • Enter your information. Make sure you enter the active email because the download file and invoice will be sent there
  • Make a transfer to the account number listed
  • Confirm your payment, you can skip this stage and confirm payment later via live chat or email
  • After that, we will check your payment, then send the invoice and Stisla download file (If payment is approved)

Thank you for using Stisla!

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